EPPD Investigates Tragic Murder-Suicide of Longtime El Paso Couple

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El Paso Couple Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide

Discovery of Bodies

El Paso Police officials announced on Monday that an El Paso couple, who had been married for over 25 years, were found dead in their Northeast home in what appears to be a murder-suicide case. Eric Sheeran, 58, and Deborah Sheeran, 56, were discovered on Sunday afternoon at their home in the 9800 block of Sidewinder Street, near Dolphin Terrace Elementary School.

Cause of Death

The bodies were found when a family member became concerned and called the police after not hearing from Deborah Sheeran for about three days. Upon arriving at the house, officers found the couple dead. The El Paso Bomb Squad was also summoned to handle an object that resembled a grenade found at the scene. After careful examination, the grenade was determined to not be an explosive device.

Resources for Those in Need

If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, please call the national suicide prevention hotline at 988. It’s important to seek help and support during difficult times.

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