Enzo Fernández, the great revelation of the World Cup, stars on the cover of France Football amid the mistreatment of Messi at PSG

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Enzo Fernández featured on the cover of a French publication
Enzo Fernández featured on the cover of a French publication

The Troubled Time for Lionel Messi at PSG Comes to an End

After having impressive statistics, Argentine National Team Captain Lionel Messi’s two-season stint with PSG comes to an end. Despite his record, the Parisian press blamed him for the team’s poor performance in the UEFA Champions League, which didn’t help him much. In addition to the disappointment on the pitch, he faced criticism from Parisian ultras, the team’s fans, and some sanctions from the club’s management, including a penalty after his trip to Saudi Arabia. Messi admitted that recent events had dampened his passion for football, except for the team’s success at the Qatar World Cup in 2022.

Enzo Fernandez replaces Lionel Messi on French Football’s Latest Cover

Despite Lionel Messi’s achievements, French Football Magazine chose to feature another Argentine player on its latest cover, namely Chelsea’s midfielder, Enzo Fernandez. France Football praised the young player for being the “World Cup’s Great Revelation” and chose him over Lionel Messi for the cover of the publication.

Enzo Fernández on the cover of France Football

Ander Herrera Criticizes PSG’s Obsession with Winning Champions League

Spanish midfielder Ander Herrera, who played alongside Lionel Messi during his time at PSG, shared his thoughts with TyC Sports. He criticized the team’s and fans’ obsession with the Champions League, stating, “Whatever you do, if you don’t win the Champions League, it’s a disaster. I don’t see it as fair. For me, there is an excessive demand and obligation to be champions of Europe that does not suit the footballer. It seems that something is always missing, and there is never total happiness.”

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