Emma Watson’s Controversial Floating Dress: What’s the Story Behind It

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Emma Watson’s Controversial Floating Dress

Emma Watson: A Multifaceted Talent

Emma Watson, known worldwide for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film saga, has always been a subject of public debate. Whether it’s her acting skills, activism for women’s and environmental rights, or philanthropic endeavors, Watson has consistently made headlines. Recently, she caused a stir with a particular dress she wore in one of her Instagram posts.

Stepping Away from Acting

After gaining fame through her leading role in the 2019 adaptation of “Little Women,” directed by Greta Gerwig, Emma Watson surprised her millions of fans by announcing her decision to step aside from her acting career. In an honest statement, she expressed feeling trapped and lacking control over her work. This move saddened her fans but did not diminish her popularity.

A Captivating Photo with Her Brother

Continued Popularity on Instagram

Despite her decision to step away from acting, Emma Watson remains one of the most beloved celebrities in the entertainment industry. Her Instagram profile boasts approximately 72 million followers, and each of her posts receives thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

Recently, a particular detail in one of her photos caught the attention of her followers. In the picture, Watson posed with her brother Alex to promote Renais gin, a brand they developed as a family. While her brother wore a simple outfit, Emma’s choice of dress sparked a heated debate.

A Unique Dress Design

The Dress that Defies Gravity

Emma Watson’s dress, designed by Jonathan Anderson for Loewe, features a bulging and puffed skirt with a distinctive neckline. The fabric appears to defy gravity, creating a striking optical illusion. This design choice led to various theories and jokes in the comments section of her post.

However, the explanation is quite simple. The dress is part of Loewe’s spring/summer collection, known for its elaborate and playful creations. Jonathan Anderson, the designer behind the brand, has gained attention for his innovative designs, including bubble-style shoes and pixelated garments. In the case of Emma Watson’s dress, a wire system on the bust and neckline creates the floating effect.


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E Harry Potter series, Emma Watson has taken a break from acting to pursue other interests. She has become known for her activism work, particularly in the areas of women’s and environmental rights. Watson’s philanthropic endeavors have also received attention, as she consistently uses her platform to bring awareness and support to various causes. Recently, Watson sparked controversy with a dress she wore in an Instagram post, generating discussions among the public. Despite the controversy, Watson’s multifaceted talents and influence continue to make her a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

What was the controversy surrounding the dress Emma Watson wore in an Instagram post and how did the public react to it

In May 2020, Emma Watson posted a picture on Instagram wearing a dress created by the sustainable fashion brand KITX. The dress featured the slogan “VOTES ARE POWER” multiple times, encouraging people to exercise their right to vote. However, controversy arose regarding the origins of the dress.

Some people accused Watson of hypocrisy, pointing out that the dress was reportedly made in China, a country known for labor exploitation and human rights issues. They argued that supporting a sustainable fashion brand was not enough if the production did not align with ethical standards.

Others defended Watson, stating that as an advocate for sustainability and ethical fashion, she should not be solely responsible for the manufacturing practices of a brand. They argued that it was unfair to criticize her for promoting the message on the dress while also acknowledging that the fashion industry as a whole needs improvement.

The public reaction was mixed. Many expressed disappointment, feeling that Watson should be more mindful of the entire supply chain when promoting sustainable fashion. On the other hand, some defended her, emphasizing that she was trying to bring attention to important issues, such as voting and sustainability, even if this particular instance was not entirely flawless.

Overall, the controversy sparked a broader conversation about the transparency and ethics of the fashion industry, highlighting the need for more scrutiny and accountability throughout the production process.

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Emma Watson’s Controversial Floating Dress: What’s the Story Behind It?

This mesmerizing dress has sparked debates and curiosity. Delve into the intriguing story behind Emma Watson’s controversial floating dress, and get ready to be captivated by its ethereal enchantment.


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