Drug trafficking network in New York dismantled after the arrest of 48 people and the seizure of 10 kilos of fentanyl and cocaine valued at 9 million dollars

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New York Attorney General Announces Major Drug Trafficking Bust

The New York Attorney General’s Office has made a significant breakthrough in the fight against drug trafficking in the state. On Tuesday, officials announced the bust of a criminal network that involved three gangs and was responsible for flooding almost a dozen Finger Lakes counties with drugs like fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin. The operation resulted in the arrest of 48 individuals and the seizure of 10 kilos of fentanyl and 10 kilos of cocaine worth $9 million.

Details of the Bust

Speaking at a press conference, the prosecutor, Letitia James, revealed that the investigation into the drug trafficking ring had been going on for two years. It eventually led the authorities to Luis Rivera, who, they claim, directed the network from a residential building in Rochester, where he worked as a concierge. Rivera’s son Jacob, who was in a federal prison in Louisiana, supervised operations using smuggled phones.

The Bust Results in Multiple Arrests

In total, 48 people, including two of Rivera’s other sons, were arrested in the bust. Their ages ranged from 24 to 77, and they face a total of 177 charges, many of which are related to the sale and possession of controlled substances. Luis and Jacob Rivera are both charged with being “big drug traffickers,” a crime which carries a minimum sentence of 25 years and a maximum of life imprisonment. The pair also face money laundering charges as they had a shell company with which they invested in properties.

A Significant Seizure

Among the items seized in the bust were nineteen firearms, including assault weapons and so-called ghost guns, which are unregistered firearms usually assembled with parts bought online. The authorities also confiscated $440,000 in cash.

The Riveras allegedly sold fentanyl in pill form, disguising it as oxycodone, a potent painkiller. This put their customers at even greater risk.


The successful bust of the drug trafficking ring is a significant win for the New York Attorney General’s Office and a positive step forward in the battle against drug-related crime in the state.

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