Donald Trump Faces Historic Federal Charges in Miami Court

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Trump Faces Unprecedented Federal Charges in Miami Court

The Former President Makes History as the First to Face Federal Charges

Former President Donald Trump will make history on Tuesday as the first former president to face federal charges in United States history. He will appear in federal court in Miami for an unprecedented and historic hearing. Special counsel Jack Smith indicted Trump last week on a 37-count indictment, alleging mishandling of classified documents and conspiracy to obstruct justice. The former president’s aide, Walt Nauta, was also charged and is expected to appear in court alongside Trump.

  • ANALYSIS | Trump’s arraignment on federal charges is a grave moment for the nation

What to Expect in Court

Trump is expected to be taken into custody and arrested by the US Marshals Service and arraigned during a court hearing at 3 pm Miami time before a trial judge. He is expected to plead not guilty to the charges. Once inside the building, Trump will be detained and processed, and his lawyers will appear before Judge Jonathan Goodman for their arraignment and initial appearance. Trump’s lawyers will likely waive a formal reading of the indictment, and the former president is expected to plead not guilty to all 37 charges.

Trump’s Legal Team

Trump’s legal team remains in flux after two of his lawyers, Jim Trusty and John Rowley, resigned last week following news of the impeachment. Attorneys Todd Blanche and Chris Kise are expected to represent Trump in court this Tuesday afternoon for his appearance. Trump also needs a lawyer who is admitted to practice in the Southern District of Florida. Some lawyers on his team fit into this category. CNN reported that the Trump team has had difficulty hiring experienced lawyers. Trump privately lobbies for his legal team to take a more aggressive stance against the Justice Department.

The Security Situation

Law enforcement is making preparations for large protests outside of the courthouse in Miami. On Monday afternoon, the only visible security measures were law enforcement security tape, some plastic barriers, and officers patrolling the area. Miami Police Chief Manuel Morales told reporters Monday that the department was working closely with local law enforcement and federal agencies to prepare for Tuesday. The Federal Protective Service oversees the protection of the court building, while the US Marshals Service will be in charge of protecting the people who are in the building. The US Secret Service oversees the former president’s protection.

What Happens After Court

Trump is expected to speak Tuesday afternoon after he returns to his Bedminster, New Jersey, resort. Although Trump is not expected to speak publicly while in Miami, his campaign announced that he will make a statement from his Bedminster golf club after his appearance. Trump took the same approach after his appearance in New York in April.

Written by CNN’s Kristen Holmes, Katelyn Polantz, Evan Perez, Paula Reid, Hannah Rabinowitz, and Kaitlan Collins

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