Discover the Price of Clara Chía’s Stunning Dresses and her Unique Style

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The controversial couple was spotted leaving the San Vicente de Montalt parish, revealing their distinctive fashion choices.

Clara Chía’s Dress: A Fashion Statement

Clara Chía, the girlfriend of former soccer player Gerard, turned heads with her outfit selection. She opted for a stunning gold stretch “knit” dress with long cut straps and a ‘V’ neckline, designed by the renowned fashion brand Victoria Beckham.

According to Hello! magazine, this dress represents a “minimalist style” that pays homage to the 1990s while reinventing the classic ‘slip dress’ concept.

The price of Clara Chía’s dress ranges from $880 to $2,130, depending on the platform of purchase. Unfortunately, it is not available in the Victoria Beckham online catalogue, as reported by the Spanish magazine.

Completing her ensemble, Clara Chía accessorized with a discreet gold chain and bracelet. For footwear, she opted for sandals with PVC straps on the instep and a methacrylate heel, as described by Hello! magazine.

Clara Chía’s Fashion Sense

The couple made an entrance at the wedding of one of Gerard’s close friends. Clara Chía wore a dress similar to the one she had previously worn at her brother-in-law Marc Piqué’s wedding.

On that occasion, she donned a unique design from the prestigious Italian couture firm Missoni. The dress, crafted using classic artisan techniques, came with a price tag of $788. However, it received some criticism, with some claiming it had a more casual beach-like appearance rather than a wedding-appropriate style, as mentioned by Spanish journalist Omar Suárez on the Peruvian program ‘América Hoy’.

According to Hello! magazine, Clara Chía’s fashion sense can be described as minimalist and versatile, with trendy elements incorporated into her outfits.

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Jaxx June 24, 2023 - 10:17 pm

I absolutely love Clara Chía’s stunning dresses! Her unique style sets her apart from others in the fashion industry. Can’t wait to discover the price and add one of her beautiful pieces to my wardrobe!

Ryland June 24, 2023 - 10:17 pm

Clara Chía’s stunning dresses and unique style are truly one of a kind. From sophisticated elegance to modern avant-garde, her creations effortlessly capture attention. However, after discovering the price of her dresses, it becomes apparent that her fashion is reserved for the elite few. While breathtaking, Clara Chía’s designs may remain out of reach for the average fashion enthusiast.


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