Deteriorating Air Quality in New York City due to Canadian Wildfire Smoke

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The Air Quality in New York: A Health Hazard

The air quality in New York poses a significant threat to public health this Sunday as smoke from Canada’s wildfires continues to billow.

Harmful Levels of Air Pollution

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the air quality has reached “harmful” levels. This means that individuals with heart disease, the elderly, children, and adolescents should avoid engaging in strenuous outdoor activities.

Improvement from Recent Days

Fortunately, the fog on Sunday will not reach the same intensity as in previous days, when the Manhattan sky was tinged with an orange hue.

Wildfires in Canada

In southern Canada, particularly in the Rouyn-Noranda area and North Bay, the epicenter of the country’s wildfires, air quality remains dangerously high. These fires have already ravaged an area equivalent to the size of the Netherlands, spanning across British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and parts of Ontario.

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