Dengue Cases Decrease as Health Officials Urge Prevention Measures and Await Vaccine Approval

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In the Midst of Dengue Cases, Health Authorities Stress Importance of Prevention

As the number of dengue cases declines throughout the country, health officials urge the public to remain vigilant in their prevention measures. The Ministry of Public Health of the Province continues to prioritize active prevention and control actions for vector diseases, with a particular focus on dengue, through the General Directorate of Epidemiology. One crucial step in this process is the elimination of potential mosquito breeding sites, according to health authorities.

A picture of a mosquito
Health authorities recommend cleaning possible mosquito breeding sites.

According to official data released by the Ministry of Public Health of the Province, the accumulated number of dengue cases for the season currently stands at 1,579, with 47 active cases. As for chikungunya, there have been 127 cases in total, with only 1 active case. The population is strongly advised to uphold prevention measures, such as eliminating any potential breeding sites within their homes. In the event of symptoms, experts recommend seeking medical attention rather than self-medicating. “Despite our prevention and control efforts, the situation remains under control,” stated Angelina Bobadilla, the director of Epidemiology.

The Dengue Vaccine

It is worth noting that in April of this year, the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (Anmat) approved a vaccine for the prevention of dengue caused by any of the four existing serotypes of the virus. The vaccine, developed by the Japanese biopharmaceutical company Takeda, is administered in two doses, scheduled three months apart, for individuals aged four and above. Importantly, there is no need for a confirmatory blood test prior to vaccination. Currently, this is the only approved vaccine in the country, suitable for both individuals with and without a history of dengue. The vaccine’s effectiveness has been verified through a comprehensive clinical study involving over 20,000 participants and spanning four years. The study demonstrated an 84% reduction in hospitalizations due to dengue and a 61% reduction in symptomatic dengue cases.

With the approval of the vaccine, Argentina has entered a process that entails various stages before the vaccine becomes available for use. It is expected that the vaccine will be ready for administration by mid-September.

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