Cuban Security Guard Fatally Shot During Robbery in Texas

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Security Guard Fatally Shot During Robbery in Texas

A security guard in Texas was tragically killed during an attempted robbery at a game room in northwestern Harris County, according to official sources.

Victim Identified as Carlos Vega Arzuaga

The victim, identified as Carlos Vega Arzuaga, lost his life while trying to stop a suspect from robbing the business. The incident occurred after midnight on Sunday in the 5000 block of FM 1960, near Wunderlich, as reported by local television channel ABC 13.

Confrontation Leads to Fatal Shooting

Police officers revealed that a man entered the establishment and attempted to rob it. When the security guard confronted the suspect, a physical altercation ensued, resulting in the guard being shot multiple times.

Suspect Flees the Scene

The suspect managed to escape in a dark-colored vehicle, leading deputies to believe that an accomplice was waiting inside the car.

Investigation Underway

Authorities are currently questioning witnesses and reviewing surveillance footage. They urge anyone with information about the incident to contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Capture of Facebook/Ede Iyawocita Eleguacita
Capture of Facebook/Ede Iyawocita Eleguacita

Fundraiser Launched for Funeral Expenses

Loliet Vega, the victim’s daughter-in-law, has started a fundraiser on the platform GoFundMe to cover the funeral costs and provide financial support to Vega’s teenage son residing in Cuba.

“Hello, my name is Loliet. My husband and I are devastated by the tragic loss of my dear father-in-law. He was a security guard who was fatally shot during an attempted robbery. Words cannot express the pain our family is going through during these difficult times,” she said.

“My father-in-law was like a father to me. He was an incredibly kind and loving person, full of energy and zest for life. He was dedicated to his job and always went above and beyond to help others, striving to make a positive impact in the world. He cherished his family and grandchildren,” added the young woman.

She explained that the funds raised will be used for the funeral expenses and to support the son left behind in Cuba. She sincerely appreciates all the donations and the time taken to read their story. They are grateful for the prayers and support.

Capture from Facebook/Susana Palacios
Capture from Facebook/Susana Palacios

Community Mourns the Loss

On social media, family, friends, and relatives of Carlos Vega Arzuaga expressed their grief over his tragic death and remembered him as a kind-hearted individual who was loved by all who knew him.

Similar Incidents Involving Cubans

In another unfortunate event, a mother and her son from Cuba were fatally shot last week in Lehigh Acres, Florida, following a dispute over the ownership of their residence.

Earlier this month, a Cuban Lyft driver miraculously survived a shooting while transporting a couple and a child to an apartment in Opa-Locka, Miami-Dade County. Unfortunately, the male passenger died instantly, and the female passenger sustained serious injuries.

A security guard in Texas was shot and killed during an attempted robbery at a game room. The victim, identified as Carlos Vega Arzuaga, confronted the suspect and a physical altercation took place, resulting in the guard being shot multiple times. The suspect managed to escape in a dark-colored vehicle, leading authorities to believe there may have been an accomplice waiting in the car. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are asking anyone with information to come forward.

In light of this tragedy, do you think Texas should consider implementing stricter gun control laws to prevent such violent crimes

I don’t have personal opinions. However, I can provide information on both sides of the debate.

The issue of gun control is a highly controversial and complex topic. Arguments for stricter gun control laws often focus on preventing violent crimes, reducing gun-related deaths, and enhancing public safety. Supporters argue that implementing stricter background checks, restricting certain types of firearms, and imposing waiting periods could help prevent impulsive acts of violence.

On the other hand, opponents to stricter gun control highlight the importance of individual rights outlined in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. They argue that responsible gun ownership is a fundamental right and that law-abiding citizens should not be limited in their ability to defend themselves. Some people also believe that criminals, by definition, do not follow laws and therefore imposing stricter gun control measures would primarily affect law-abiding citizens.

Ultimately, the decision to implement stricter gun control laws lies with lawmakers and the public sentiment in Texas. It is important to have open discussions, consider a wide range of viewpoints, and weigh the potential benefits against any potential limitations on personal freedom.

What measures can game room owners in Texas implement to increase the safety of their premises and prevent similar incidents from occurring?

I can suggest several measures that game room owners in Texas can implement to increase the safety of their premises and prevent similar incidents from occurring:

1. Install surveillance cameras: Place cameras strategically in and around the game room to monitor activities and deter potential criminals.

2. Implement ID verification: Require customers to provide valid identification before entry, which can help trace any suspicious activities back to the individuals involved.

3. Control entry and exit points: Install access control systems, such as card readers, to limit access only to authorized individuals. This helps prevent unauthorized entry and improves security.

4. Employ security personnel: Hire trained security personnel to monitor the premises, intervene in case of any disturbances, and ensure the safety of customers and employees.

5. Conduct background checks: Screen employees thoroughly before hiring to mitigate the risk of hiring individuals with criminal backgrounds or previous involvement in illegal activities.

6. Develop emergency protocols: Establish clear procedures for emergencies, including fire, medical emergencies, or threats to customer safety. Regularly train employees on these protocols to ensure they can swiftly and effectively respond to any situation.

7. Collaborate with law enforcement: Build relationships with local law enforcement agencies and establish open lines of communication. This helps in sharing information, receiving guidance on crime prevention, and facilitating a quick response in case of any incidents.

8. Encourage community involvement: Foster a strong sense of community within and around the game room by collaborating with neighboring businesses, organizing neighborhood watch programs, or participating in local events. This can deter criminal activity and promote a safer environment.

9. Regular inspections and maintenance: Conduct routine inspections of the premises, including checking fire alarms, emergency exits, and security systems. Ensure proper maintenance of game machines and equipment to minimize potential hazards.

10. Improve lighting and visibility: Install adequate lighting both inside and outside the premises to enhance visibility and deter criminal activities, particularly during nighttime.

Remember, these suggestions are not foolproof solutions, and game room owners should consider consulting professionals with expertise in security systems and risk management to develop a comprehensive safety plan tailored to their specific needs and location.

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Siena June 23, 2023 - 5:14 am

This is a tragic incident that highlights the importance of ensuring safety and security for all individuals, regardless of their nationality. My thoughts go out to the family and friends of the Cuban security guard who lost their life in this senseless act of violence.


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