Cuban Pilots Facing Trial in the United States for Arriving on a Motorized Hang Glider

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The trial for the Cuban pilots who arrived in the United States on a motorized hang glider is scheduled for July 5. The legal proceeding will determine whether they will be granted political asylum in the country. The representative of David López Alfonso and Ismael Hernández Chirino announced that both will appear in a decisive hearing before an immigration judge in Miami. Those involved in the incident were transferred several weeks ago to the Krome Detention Center, where the trial will take place.

The Cubans’ lawyer, Willy Allen, confirmed that the two asylum cases were consolidated and both will face an identical judicial process.

“It is going to be an extremely challenging trial, but I hope that in the end we can deliver good news for them and their families. Their relatives are following the process from Cuba with concern,” said the lawyer.

“Credible fear” approved

The Cuban pilots successfully passed the “credible fear” test before several officials of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (USCIS). According to Allen, the interrogation lasted more than three days, with the two individuals spending around 10 hours each.

The protagonists of this escape story from the island arrived in the United States on March 25 in a motorized hang glider, landing directly on the runway at Key West International Airport.

After turning themselves in, they were transferred to the Pompano Beach Transition Center in Broward County.

“I am confident that we have a strong case and their testimony was consistent, but we will face a tough battle,” said Allen. The specialist also mentioned that his clients were denied the right to bail due to the manner in which they entered the country.

By the way, the case of the paraglider pilots was discussed several times during the bilateral immigration talks in Washington DC last April.


Ed to Zona 7 of Miami, and since then they have been waiting for their trial date. The Cuban pilots gained international attention when they flew a homemade aircraft from Cuba to the United States in May. Their daring journey was captured on video and went viral on social media. It is believed that they made the dangerous flight in search of political freedom and better opportunities. The trial on July 5 will determine the fate of these Cuban pilots and whether they will be granted asylum in the United States.

What implications could the outcome of the Cuban pilots’ trial have on future asylum seekers in the United States?

The outcome of the Cuban pilots’ trial could have implications for future asylum seekers in the United States in several ways:

1. Precedent: The outcome of this trial could set a legal precedent that other immigration courts may consider when deciding future asylum cases. It could impact how courts interpret the relevant laws and guidelines governing asylum claims.

2. Perception of credibility: If the Cuban pilots are successful in their asylum claim, it could influence the perception of credibility for asylum seekers from Cuba. It may bolster the argument that pilots who defect from Cuba due to political persecution should be granted asylum.

3. Effect on similar cases: If the Cuban pilots’ asylum claim is denied, it could potentially make it more difficult for future asylum seekers from Cuba, particularly those who are involved in similar activities, such as military or government officials defecting due to political reasons.

4. Impact on broader immigration policies: The outcome of the trial might also have broader implications for the United States’ immigration policies. It could lead to a re-evaluation of the criteria used to evaluate asylum claims, potentially leading to stricter or more lenient standards depending on the outcome.

Overall, the outcome of the Cuban pilots’ trial could potentially shape the future process and outcomes for asylum seekers in the United States, particularly those hailing from Cuba or those involved in similar situations.

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Cole June 22, 2023 - 8:14 am

This article sheds light on a perplexing case of Cuban pilots arriving in the United States on a motorized hang glider. It will be interesting to see how the trial unfolds and what implications it may have on immigration policies.

Valentina June 22, 2023 - 8:14 am

This intriguing article sheds light on the Cuban pilots’ audacious attempt to arrive in the United States via a motorized hang glider. The upcoming trial will undoubtedly provide insight into the motivations and risks involved in such adventurous pursuits. It’s a unique case that highlights the lengths individuals are willing to go to secure a better future.


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