Cuban Man Recovers Lost US Residency Card after Offering Reward and Social Media Help

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Cuban Man Recovers Lost American Residence Card

The search for his lost American residence card ended happily for Maikel Montero Olivares, a Cuban man who thought he may never see it again after losing it during a trip to Havana this past week.

A Social Media Campaign With Results

Through his friend Pepe Fernández, the incident was posted on social media to ask for any assistance in the search. Ferndez posted on Friday night that the card had been found, but did not give further details.

“Thank you very much to everyone who cared, my friend’s residence has already appeared. Grateful to everyone who cared and commented on the post,” he said on his Facebook wall.

Capture of Facebook / Pepe Fernández

A Desperate Situation

Montero Olivares was offering a reward to whoever found his document, without which he would not be able to re-enter the United States, where he resides.

“I ask you to notify me urgently, you will be rewarded. (…) He is desperate because he almost has to leave, thanks in advance,” Fernández explained in the initial post.

The Solution

After several people suggested going to the United States embassy, Montero Olivares was advised to report the loss and go through the process of requesting a “Boarding Foil” (boarding slip), which would allow him to return to the country.

Although it is unclear how he ultimately retrieved his card, Montero Olivares now holds piece of mind.

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