Cuban Influencer Christopher Gomez’s Viral Reaction at Walmart in the US

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Cuban Influencer’s Reaction to Walmart Goes Viral

CubitaNOW Writing ~ Sunday June 25, 2023

Video Capture

A young Cuban influencer, Christopher Gómez, popularly known as Kristoff Kriollo, recently left Cuba for Miami, United States. His first visit to a Walmart store in Miami was captured on video and has since gone viral on social media.

Kriollo, who used to share humorous content about the reality of life in Cuba, expressed his astonishment at the abundance and variety of food in the store. He posted the video on various social media platforms with the caption, “A new world to explore,” which garnered laughter from hundreds of users.

In the video, Kriollo exclaims, “Look, mijo, real dough! Look at this, brother. Since when did I not see this?” as he spots a traditional Cuban sweet that has become increasingly scarce on the island.

Later, he asks, “What kind of chicken is this?” When informed that it is salmon, he jokingly responds, “And do you eat dried grass or something like that?” insisting that fish doesn’t exist and what he sees is actually chicken.

As he continues exploring the store, Kriollo comes across oversized kitchen utensils that leave him impressed. When he sees a frying pan, he humorously asks, “What piece of car is this?”

Upon watching the video, some of his followers reacted with comments like, “Asere, you left me on the plane. Again,” “You are a crack,” and “Durooooooo.”

Prior to this Walmart visit, Kriollo announced his arrival in the United States by dancing in a Walmart parking lot to the song “Let Raúl find out” performed by Cándido Fabré.

Upon hearing the news of his relocation, some of his followers expressed mixed emotions, saying, “Dad, you left, that’s not worth it, you had to stay to see the achievements that we still have to achieve,” “The new season of borderless blackouts was lost,” and “Now I don’t know if it’s true or playing, but if it’s true, congratulations.”

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Log entry in Miami captured the attention of thousands of viewers. In his video, Gómez expressed his disbelief and amazement at the size and variety of products in a local Walmart store.

The video quickly went viral on social media platforms, with many viewers finding Gómez’s reaction relatable and entertaining. Gómez expressed admiration for the abundance and accessibility of products in the store, something he had not experienced in Cuba.

This video not only highlighted the stark contrast between the limited availability of goods in Cuba and the abundance in the United States but also shed light on the impact of social media and influencers on cultural exchanges. Gómez’s video sparked conversations and discussions among Cubans about the stark differences in their everyday lives and those in countries like the United States.

As a result of his viral video, Gómez gained a significant following on social media, with many viewers eagerly awaiting his future content and updates on his new life in Miami.

How does Gómez’s video on the abundance of products in a Miami Walmart store shed light on cultural differences and exchanges between Cuba and the United States?

In Gómez’s video on the abundance of products in a Miami Walmart store, it sheds light on the cultural differences and exchanges between Cuba and the United States in several ways:

1. Material abundance: The video shows the vast amount and variety of products available in the Walmart store, which signifies the consumer culture and material abundance in the United States. This starkly contrasts with the scarcity of goods and limited choices experienced in Cuba due to economic constraints.

2. Economic disparities: The video highlights the stark economic disparities between the two countries. While the United States enjoys economic prosperity and access to a wide range of products, Cuba has faced decades of economic sanctions and limited trade, resulting in a lack of consumer goods.

3. Cultural differences: The availability of diverse products in the Walmart store reflects the cultural differences between the two countries. The United States places a high value on consumerism and individual choice, while Cuba’s socialist system emphasizes collective values and economic equality.

4. Global trade: The video indirectly points out the influence of global trade on cultural exchanges between the two countries. The abundance of products in the store highlights the interconnectivity of the global economy, with the United States playing a dominant role in trade and commerce.

5. Migration and diaspora: Gómez’s video captures the perspective of Cuban immigrants or individuals with Cuban heritage living in the United States. It shows how they experience a stark contrast in material abundance compared to their home country, which becomes a significant aspect of their cultural identity and a potential source of tension or longing.

Overall, Gómez’s video on the abundance of products in a Miami Walmart store sheds light on the cultural differences and exchanges between Cuba and the United States by focusing on economic discrepancies, consumer culture, global trade, and the experiences of Cuban immigrants.

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Sophie June 26, 2023 - 10:13 am

“Christopher Gomez’s viral reaction at Walmart in the US reflects the power of social media in bridging cultural divides and showcasing the influence of individuals across borders. Inspiring to see how a Cuban influencer can resonate with people from all walks of life.”


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