Cuban Doctors Working as Construction Workers in the US Send a Message to Colleagues on the Island

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Cubans congratulate those who work in the US for a better future

“Good job! Earning an honest living and respecting the life project of others is a source of pride. Blessings always!” commented social media users.

Another Cuban expressed admiration, saying, “I don’t know why this tweet doesn’t get more reactions. I congratulate both of you, as well as others who are doing the same. The important thing is not where you are now, but the direction you are moving in.”

They emphasized the importance of all jobs, stating, “No job should embarrass anyone, and all jobs are equally important. Before human beings needed doctors, they needed builders to have a place to live and protect themselves from predators, cold, and rain.”

It is worth noting that as time goes by, more Cuban citizens are risking their lives by embarking on dangerous journeys through different countries or attempting to cross the sea in search of the so-called “American dream.” This is due to the lack of opportunities and worsening poverty in Cuba.

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This article discusses the admiration and congratulations expressed by Cubans towards those who work in the United States for a better future. Social media users commented on the importance of earning an honest living and respecting the life projects of others. The article emphasizes that all jobs should be equally respected and highlights the increasing number of Cuban citizens risking their lives to pursue opportunities and escape poverty in Cuba. The article also refers to a Cuban Youtuber who discusses the low salaries and difficult living conditions in Cuba.

In what ways does the Cuban Youtuber referenced in the article shed light on the struggles of those who remain in Cuba, and what impact might this have on those who are considering risking their lives to pursue opportunities in other countries

The Cuban Youtuber referenced in the article sheds light on the struggles of those who remain in Cuba in a number of ways. First and foremost, he provides a platform for people within Cuba to share their stories and experiences, allowing a broader audience to understand the challenges they face on a daily basis. Through his videos, he brings attention to issues such as economic hardships, lack of political freedoms, limited access to basic necessities, and the overall sense of discontent among many Cubans.

By focusing on these struggles, the Cuban Youtuber highlights the realities of life in Cuba, which can be an eye-opener for those who are considering risking their lives to pursue opportunities in other countries. He showcases the difficulties and hardships faced by people in their pursuit of better lives, emphasizing the risks and uncertainties associated with such endeavors. This can serve as a reality check for individuals who might have romanticized notions of leaving Cuba and help them make more informed decisions.

Furthermore, the Youtuber’s content can act as a source of inspiration or motivation for those who are contemplating leaving Cuba. By shedding light on the struggles, he empowers and encourages individuals to speak up and advocate for change within the country. He shows that even though life in Cuba may be challenging, there are alternative ways to contribute and make a difference in their own communities without having to risk their lives by leaving.

Overall, the Cuban Youtuber’s coverage of the struggles in Cuba can have a significant impact on individuals considering leaving the country. It can provide them with a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges they may face elsewhere and encourage them to critically evaluate their options. It also offers a sense of solidarity and empathy for those who choose to stay, showing them that their stories and experiences are being acknowledged and shared with a wider audience.

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Hattie June 28, 2023 - 12:10 am

This article sheds light on the challenging circumstances faced by Cuban doctors who are forced to work in construction jobs in the US, instead of utilizing their medical expertise. It offers a powerful message, highlighting the stark contrast between their lives abroad and those of their colleagues back in Cuba.


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