Cuban actor Carlos Treto Cedeño dies at 70

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Cuban Actor Carlos Treto Cedeño Passes Away at Age 70

Cuban actor Carlos Treto Cedeño passed away on Saturday in Havana at the age of 70, according to several digital reports.

A Fond Farewell from the Acting Community

The news has led to an outpouring of grief from the acting community in Cuba. Hector Noas expressed his sympathy on Facebook, saying “for whom he felt great sympathy.”

Actor Nevalis Quintana Fernández lamented the news of Treto Cedeño’s death, saying, “A few days ago, colleagues Pancho González and Cirita Santana had warned of his delicate state of health.”

A Career in Acting

The Municipal Cultura Plaza Directorate confirmed his death on Sunday, shedding light on Treto Cedeño’s notable achievements in the world of acting.

Facebook / Nevalis Quintana

He began his career with the Hubert de Blanck Theater Company and most recently performed in the play Witches of Salem with the Vital Teatro Company. He also lent his talents to the children’s television program Word Soup, the comedic Live the Story, and the soap opera, Pending Issues, which is currently broadcast on Cubavisión.

Facebook / Municipal Directorate Culture Plaza

The publication also noted that Treto Cedeño served as the coordinator of the Caricato Award and presided over the section of actors of the Association of Performing Artists of the UNEAC. In the last two years, he joined anti-racist activism from the Aponte Commission and the Cuban Color program.

A Life Remembered

Throughout his career, Treto Cedeño worked in workshops and short films at the San Antonio de los Baños International Film and TV School and was part of the cast of the film Operación Fangio.

The actor will be veiled on Sunday at the Playa funeral home, located on calle 70 corner to 29, and his funeral is set for Monday at 9:40 am.

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