Controversy Surrounds Activision Blizzard Acquisition as PlayStation Fights Against Exclusive Xbox Deal

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The Battle Between PlayStation and Xbox

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The recent attempt by Activision Blizzard to be acquired has sparked controversy and public statements from the companies involved. However, one of the most notable opponents of this deal is PlayStation, which is fighting tooth and nail to prevent it from happening.

Their main argument revolves around the concern that Xbox might turn franchises like Call of Duty into exclusives, which would significantly impact competition.

The FTC Injunction

This week, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has filed an injunction to halt the acquisition and prevent Microsoft from finalizing the deal without the pronouncement of the US regulatory body.

In Microsoft’s defense brief, relevant information regarding the case has been revealed, including statements made by Jim Ryan, the head of PlayStation, who assured that Call of Duty would not become an Xbox exclusive.

According to Microsoft, Jim Ryan privately stated to trusted individuals that, despite the acquisition, Call of Duty would not be exclusive to Xbox due to economic reasons. This contradicts PlayStation’s position against the acquisition, which argues that the loss of Call of Duty would be inevitable and irreplaceable.

A Questioned Testimony

Although the exact details of Ryan’s statements remain undisclosed, their mention in Microsoft’s legal defense indicates a discrepancy between his private and public positions. This raises questions about the true intentions and perspectives of the companies involved in this dispute.

It remains to be seen how this conflict will be resolved and what impact it will have on the video game industry. The conflicting statements have added more uncertainty to the situation, leaving players and fans of the franchise in suspense regarding the future of Call of Duty. Stay tuned for future updates on this controversial case.

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