Mateu Lahoz could continue his career in an exotic destination

He world of the Argentine National Team in Qatar 2022 It was marked by many moments charged with emotion and tension. Although the maximum peak was the final against Franceand all the condiments that it had, another of the most emblematic matches of the Albiceleste was against Netherlands in the quarterfinals.

The duel had already been stung since the previous one due to the statements of louis van gaal against Lionel Messi and during the match there were some moments such as Lea’s pitchandro paredes to the rival bank, which unleashed a fight, the celebration of the Argentine players in the face of the Dutch after the last penalty of Lautaro Martinez or the famous “go there, fool” from leo to Weghorst post game.

Now, if the match went to penalties, it was due to the work of Mateu Lahoz, Spanish referee who made controversial decisions, such as adding ten minutes of discount. After his performance, the FIFA He decided that he would not give justice again in the contest and recently the judge announced his retirement. However, his career could now continue: Saudi Arabia He wants to sign him for next season.

What had Messi said about Mateu Lahoz’s refereeing after beating the Netherlands?

“I am very angry because it was not for the game to end like this. You can’t talk about the referee, you can’t be honest because later they penalize you. We were scared before the game because we knew who he was. FIFA cannot put a referee like that in this instance. The referee sent us to extra time, not only because of the minutes he gave, but because of the little ones. He tilted the court. They wanted to knock us down”.

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