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  • Date: 06/27/2023
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Concerns Over Biden’s Re-Election

WASHINGTON – A recent survey reveals that a significant majority of Americans are skeptical about President Joe Biden’s decision to seek a second term as the leader of the United States.

The survey, conducted by NBC News, a highly respected news outlet, indicates that 68% of registered voters are worried about Biden’s mental and physical health, questioning his ability to continue as the head of the federal executive.

Aging Concerns

Of those surveyed, 55% expressed “important” concerns about Biden’s age, as he would be 86 years old if re-elected in the 2024 elections.

Doubts About Re-Election

Furthermore, 60% of respondents expressed concerns about Biden’s chances of being re-elected, with 46% stating that they were greatly concerned about this possibility.

Support for Independent Candidates

Interestingly, 44% of voters stated that they would consider supporting an independent or third-party candidate in the 2024 presidential race, indicating a lack of confidence in the traditional political options.

Potential Rivals

If the current trends continue, the 2024 presidential race is likely to feature Joe Biden as the Democratic candidate and former President Donald Trump as the Republican candidate, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also in the running.

Aging Concerns Persist

Biden’s advanced age, making him the oldest president in US history, has been a cause for concern not only among voters but also within the Democratic Party. Party leaders and strategists have considered other potential candidates to represent the party in the 2024 elections.

Biden’s Re-Election Announcement

Despite the concerns surrounding his age and health, President Biden announced on April 25 that he will seek re-election, running alongside his current vice president, Kamala Harris.