Claro Introduces ClaroFull – A New Integrated Plan with Phone, Internet, and TV Services

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Claro Launches New Plan ClaroFull with Attractive Offers

Claro Launch
With an investment that exceeds $1 million, the provider Claro will launch a new advertising campaign and new products with telephony, data, and television. In the photo, the president of Claro Puerto Rico, Enrique Ortiz De Montellano, and the new “ambassador” of the brand, Alexandra Fuentes. (Josian Bruno)

ClaroFull: A Comprehensive Plan for All Your Communication Needs

Claro announced on Wednesday the introduction of ClaroFull, an innovative plan that integrates fixed telephony services, home internet, mobile service, and Clarotv+. This new proposal comes with a bonus of up to $700 to offset the balance of active smartphones with a competitor.

Ambassador Campaign: Promoting ClaroFull with Alexandra Fuentes

During a press conference held at Our House, a popular restaurant and entertainment space for gamers in the San Patricio area, Claro unveiled its latest offering. To promote the new plan, Claro has chosen Alexandra Fuentes as the brand’s ambassador.

Claro’s Unique Package: Affordable Communication Solutions in Puerto Rico

The highlight of Claro’s new offer is the comprehensive packaging of services. “We are introducing the cheapest and most convenient 4play package in Puerto Rico, taking advantage of this combined launch and save opportunity,” said Enrique Ortiz de Montellano, president and CEO of Claro, emphasizing the uniqueness of the package.

Promotional Campaign and Future Prospects

The promotional campaign will run for the next 60 days, with an investment exceeding $1 million. Ortiz de Montellano did not disclose the specific number of new clients they aim to attract with this product, but expressed the company’s aspiration to continue prospering in the market.

Double the Speed, Added Bonuses, and More!

ClaroFull brings numerous benefits to customers. Existing customers who subscribe to home internet services will enjoy double the contracted speed. They can also receive up to $200 to cover penalties and up to $150 as a portability bonus when switching their residential telephone line. Additionally, customers who bundle services will enjoy 10% off accessories and up to $10 in monthly bonuses for subscribing to popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Max.

An All-Inclusive Option: Unlimited Telephony and Exciting Offers

For just $88.98 per month, the ClaroFull plan offers unlimited telephony within Puerto Rico and the United States, along with other attractive offers.

Keeping Up with the Competition

The launch of ClaroFull comes after T-Mobile’s plan introduced in April, which offers up to $650 for locked phones from competing providers.

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