Citizen Resistance ‘No to the Coup’ presents Joel Humberto Sánchez as a presidential candidate with no political past for the 2024 elections

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The Citizen Resistance Movement “No to the Coup” Introduces Joel Humberto Sánchez as Potential Presidential Candidate for 2024 Elections

On Thursday, June 15, 2023, the Citizen Resistance movement “No to the Coup” unveiled Joel Humberto Sánchez, a Salvadoran businessman living abroad, as a prospective candidate from civil society for the upcoming 2024 general elections. The announcement took place during a press conference held at a hotel in the capital.

A New Face for El Salvador

The Resistencia Ciudadana movement requested the presence of the media to formally introduce Joel Humberto Sánchez, emphasizing his lack of political background. Sánchez, a Salvadoran businessman who migrated to the United States during the civil war in El Salvador when he was 19 years old, returned to his home country a decade ago. He claims to have firsthand knowledge of the changes and challenges affecting the nation.

Sánchez, an unfamiliar figure until now, stated, “I am an ordinary Salvadoran, just like each one of you. However, I am willing to venture into politics despite my lack of previous political involvement. I have never been directly involved in politics.”

A Well-Qualified Candidate

Joel Humberto Sánchez, 55 years old and originally from Cojutepeque, is currently the CEO of Premier Cleaning Services, a company based in Texas with operations in the United States, Mexico, and El Salvador. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Keizer University in Florida.

During the announcement, Sánchez’s first major proposal was to “fulfill the Salvadoran dream.” He extended an invitation to all Salvadoran people, urging them to join this significant endeavor alongside civil society and other organizations striving for a better future. He emphasized that this project aims to construct a serious and substantial response for Salvadoran society as a whole.

An Open Proposal for Political Parties

Interestingly, Sánchez’s candidacy is independent of any political party affiliation. It is an open proposition, awaiting the support of political parties for his campaign. Dr. Miguel Fortín Magaña, spokesperson for the Resistencia Ciudadana movement, clarified that no prior meetings with opposing parties had taken place.

When questioned about potential political party alliances, Fortín Magaña responded, “While we are acquainted with the various political parties, it would be inaccurate to claim any commitments with them.”

Pursuing a Unified Front

Fernando Velasco, another member of the movement, clarified that their invitation extends to all political parties. He emphasized that there have been no prior meetings with any specific party. However, he acknowledged efforts to create a unified candidacy through discussions with other citizen movements like SUMAR, although agreements were not reached.

Two weeks ago, SUMAR officially declared Luis Parada and Celia Medrano as their pre-candidates for the positions of President and Vice President of the Republic, respectively. Nuestro Tiempo party has registered them as the only ticket for their internal elections.

A Nation-Moving Candidate

Velasco added that their presentation focused solely on Joel Humberto Sánchez as a presidential candidate, stating, “He is the individual who can lead the country forward amidst these challenging circumstances.”

Strong Support from Civil Society

The proposal has gained significant support from various sectors of civil society, including the Freedom Movement, the El Salvador in Peace Alliance, the Salvadoran Chamber of Small and Medium Agricultural Producers Association (CAMPO), and the Authentic Salvadoran Movement (MAS). Notable figures present at the conference included former diplomat and former FMLN presidential candidate in 1994, Rubén Zamora, as well as former PDC candidate Ronal Umaña.

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