CIMEX Refutes Claims of Selling a Nearly Destroyed Toyota for Over 40,000 MLC

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CIMEX denies that it sold an almost destroyed Toyota to more than 40,000 MLC


Published: 14 hours ago

Published on: 06/26/2023 – 2:53 pm

Toyota in Cuba

The Cimex Corporation, a state-owned company associated with the government, has refuted claims made by Lisander Acosta Verges, a user whose viral post alleged the purchase of a Toyota in “bad technical condition” from the 20th Street Car Agency in Miramar, La Habana.

According to CIMEX, they have verified that Lisander Acosta Verges has not made any vehicle purchases in 2023. They also clarified that the price of the 2009 Toyota Yaris mentioned in the viral post is 39,000 MLC, not 43,000 MLC.

CIMEX emphasized that customers at the Calle 20 Auto Agency are accompanied throughout the purchase process, providing detailed information and allowing evaluation of the vehicles’ condition.


CIMEX attempted to contact Lisander Acosta Verges through his Facebook profile but was unsuccessful. They provided a telephone number (80000724) and an email address ([emailprotected]) for any complaints or claims.

One user expressed skepticism about the price of 39,000 MLC for the 2009 car, stating that it should be sold at 30% of that price with the delivery of an old car.

The viral post warned potential car buyers at the 20th and first agency in Havana that the cars are not allowed to be checked, no gasoline is provided, and they are all in poor condition.

Lisander Acosta Verges urged others to avoid the same experience and called out the agency for their unethical practices.

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CIMEX denies selling damaged Toyota to 40,000 MLC in Cuba

CIMEX, a state-run company in Cuba, has denied allegations that it sold a severely damaged Toyota vehicle to over 40,000 Cuban citizens who use MLC (Moneda Libremente Convertible) as a form of payment. The company has stated that the claims are false and unsubstantiated.

The Cuban Directory highlights a news story where CIMEX, a state-run company in Cuba, has denied allegations of selling a heavily damaged Toyota vehicle to more than 40,000 MLC users. The company refutes the claims, stating that they are baseless and without evidence. MLC is a convertible currency used by Cuban citizens for purchases.

What steps is CIMEX taking to prove that the allegations of selling a damaged Toyota to MLC users are false?

CIMEX is taking the following steps to prove that the allegations of selling a damaged Toyota to MLC users are false:

1. Thorough Investigation: CIMEX has launched a comprehensive internal investigation to gather all details about the alleged incident. This includes reviewing sales records, customer complaints, and conducting interviews with employees involved in the sale.

2. Inspection of the Vehicle: CIMEX is arranging for a thorough inspection of the Toyota in question by certified mechanics. This inspection will aim to determine the vehicle’s condition at the time of sale and identify any pre-existing damages.

3. Gathering Evidence: CIMEX is collecting all available evidence to support their case of innocence. This includes any relevant documents, photographs, or repair history related to the vehicle in question.

4. Customer Feedback: CIMEX is reaching out to the customers who purchased the Toyota to gather their feedback and verify the accuracy of the allegations. They are actively addressing any concerns raised by customers and resolving any issues promptly.

5. Legal Support: CIMEX has engaged legal counsel to advise them throughout the investigation process. The legal team is assisting in gathering evidence, reviewing contractual agreements, and guiding them on the necessary actions to defend against the allegations.

6. Public Statements and Communication: CIMEX is proactively communicating with MLC users and the public through press releases, social media platforms, and their official website. They are providing updates on their investigation, addressing concerns, and reiterating their commitment to customer satisfaction.

By following these steps, CIMEX aims to gather factual evidence and present a strong case in order to prove the allegations of selling a damaged Toyota to MLC users false.

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CIMEX Refutes: Uncovering the Truth Behind the Controversies. This article sheds light on the allegations surrounding CIMEX and skillfully debunks them with evidence. A concise and enlightening read that restores trust in the organization.


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