Chinese Foreign Minister Stresses Concern as US-China Relations Hit All-Time Low

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China-US Relations at Their Lowest Point, Says Chinese Foreign Minister

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang expressed his concerns about the current state of China-US relations during a meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Beijing. According to Qin, the bilateral ties between the two powers are at their lowest point since the establishment of diplomatic relations. He emphasized that this situation does not align with the interests of both nations or the expectations of the international community, as reported by the state channel CCTV.

Qin also raised China’s core interests and major concerns, including the Taiwan issue, with Blinken. He highlighted that China’s policy towards the US has always been guided by the principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and cooperation. Qin expressed China’s commitment to building a stable, predictable, and constructive relationship with the US.

Antony Blinken arrives in Beijing. Photo Reuters


During the meeting, both parties engaged in a long, frank, deep, and constructive dialogue on the overall relationship between China and the United States, as well as other important issues. They agreed to encourage the expansion of educational exchanges and actively explore the possibility of increasing passenger flights between the two countries. Additionally, they welcomed more students, academics, and businessmen to visit each other’s side.

Blinken extended an invitation to Qin to visit the United States, emphasizing the importance of diplomacy and maintaining open communication channels in all areas to reduce the risk of miscalculation. The US Secretary of State also discussed various issues of concern and highlighted opportunities for cooperation between Washington and Beijing. He reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to defending the interests and values of the American people and promoting a rules-based international order.

After a lengthy discussion that lasted for five and a half hours, the meeting concluded on Sunday evening. Both officials then dined together. On Monday, Blinken may have further meetings with Wang Yi, the director of the Chinese Communist Party’s Foreign Affairs Commission, or even with President Xi Jinping.

Blinken’s visit to Beijing marks the highest-ranking US official’s visit to China since President Joe Biden took office in 2021. Bilateral relations between the two countries have been strained due to commercial, geopolitical, and economic tensions. The recent telephone conversation between Qin and Blinken, which took place after months of limited contact, saw exchanges of reproaches and calls for open communication to avoid conflict.

Blinken’s visit to Beijing was originally scheduled four months ago but was canceled at the last minute due to the downing of an alleged Chinese spy balloon over US territory. Now, the US Secretary of State finally arrived in China to address the pressing issues between the two nations.

Source: EFE and AP


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