Chef Ramoncito Helps Cuban Father Raise Money for Daughter’s Cancer Treatment

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Heartwarming Act of Kindness by Chef Ramoncito

Ramón Fleites, also known as Chef Ramoncito, has extended a helping hand to Jesús Palenzuela, a Cuban residing in the United States, in his efforts to raise funds for his daughter’s cancer treatment.

A Father’s Day Surprise

“We will sell all your products to my friend Jesús, so that he can spend Father’s Day with his sick daughter,” the compassionate chef announced on his Facebook account.

An Impromptu Market

Located at 140 Ave and 56 SW, an impromptu market was set up just hours before the third Sunday in June. It offered not only tamales but also a variety of other products such as avocados, bananas, sausages, eggs, and sweets.

Generosity in Action

Ramoncito went above and beyond by giving away food to those who came to the market and purchased Jesús’ products.

A Friendship Forged Through Food

The renowned chef spoke with CyberCuba and shared that the Cuban situation is complex. However, his determination to make a difference has driven him forward. He and Jesús have been friends for years, with their friendship initially sparked by their shared love for food.

“I first met him at a Sedano’s a few years ago, where I was moved to see him selling Carmela tamales, a tribute to his mother Carmelina, who taught him the art of making them. Since then, I have supported him whenever I can,” Ramoncito confessed.

A Community United

Many people responded to the call and showed up at the market that day, purchasing various products. The delicious Cuban tamales were particularly popular among the attendees.

A Temporary Setback

In a later video, the chef revealed that the street market had to be suspended due to the arrival of the police. They warned that any future similar events would result in fines.

Unwavering Dedication

Ramoncito, while acknowledging the work and importance of the police, expressed his satisfaction in helping people. He even stated his willingness to pay fines if necessary.

“We need to find a proper location for Jesús to continue selling his tamales. That day, everything was improvised on the street, which is why the police intervened. However, the people left happy and satisfied, and Jesús received a significant amount of money to face this incredibly challenging situation,” he explained.

A Happy Ending

By the time the police arrived, almost all the products had been sold, and Jesús had collected a substantial sum of money to cover his daughter’s medical treatment expenses.

Community Support and Appreciation

Chef Ramoncito’s followers praised his noble intention of assisting fellow Cubans in need and celebrated Jesús’ success with his tamales.

Ramón Fleites is widely recognized among Cubans residing in South Florida, and his impactful social media posts are characterized by his humanitarianism and dedication to helping others.

A Word of Caution

Following the implementation of the humanitarian parole program, which benefits Cubans, Haitians, and Nicaraguans, the chef issued a warning to all stakeholders to exercise caution during the process to avoid any future regrets.

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to live in this great country, but be extremely careful when signing any documents. You may end up regretting it for the rest of your lives,” Ramoncito emphasized on Facebook.

Prior Acts of Kindness

A year earlier, after Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc in South Florida, Ramoncito joined forces with two other chefs to provide food and meals to the victims in Cape Coral.

Unfortunately, the goal to raise enough funds for Jesús Palenzuela’s daughter’s cancer treatment was not fully achieved during the impromptu market. However, the act of kindness and generosity shown by Chef Ramoncito and the community united in support of Jesús and his family is heartwarming. Their friendship, forged through a shared love of food, has inspired Ramoncito to continuously support Jesús whenever he can. Although a temporary setback, the efforts made by Chef Ramoncito and the community demonstrate the power of compassion and the willingness to help those in need.

What inspired Chef Ramoncito and the community to come together in support of Jesús and his family during the impromptu market?

Chef Ramoncito and the community were inspired to come together in support of Jesús and his family during the impromptu market for several reasons. Firstly, Jesús had always been a valuable member of the community, known for his kindness and generosity. When the community found out about Jesús’ financial struggles and his daughter’s medical condition, they felt compelled to help.

Secondly, Chef Ramoncito recognized the importance of community and saw an opportunity to bring people together in a meaningful way. He believed that everyone deserved access to fresh and nutritious food, regardless of their financial situation. His passion for cooking and helping others drove him to organize the market and involve local farmers, vendors, and volunteers.

Additionally, the community shared a strong sense of empathy and solidarity. They understood that life’s circumstances can change unpredictably, and anyone could find themselves in a similar situation. Many residents had experienced their own hardships in the past and appreciated the support they had received from others. Thus, they wanted to pay it forward and lend a helping hand to Jesús and his family during their time of need.

Overall, it was a combination of Jesús’ essential role in the community, Chef Ramoncito’s commitment to creating positive change, and the community’s shared values of compassion and mutual support that inspired everyone to come together and support Jesús and his family during the impromptu market.

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1 comment

Savannah June 24, 2023 - 11:16 pm

This heartwarming story truly showcases the power of community and compassion. Chef Ramoncito’s selfless actions give hope to not only this Cuban father, but to those facing similar struggles. Let’s come together and support this cause, as every little bit counts in the fight against cancer.


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