Camilo Blanes talks about his gender transition in a revealing interview

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Camilo Blanes Speaks Up About His Gender Transformation

Controversial Heir to Camilo Sesto’s Fortune

Camilo Blanes has been at the center of controversy ever since he inherited the entire fortune of his late father, Camilo Sesto. He has struggled with alcohol and substance abuse, and even suffered an accident that brought him to the brink of death.

Undergoing Treatment to Transition

Recently, it was announced that Blanes is undergoing a gender transformation to become a woman, and has asked to be called Sheila Devil. In a recent interview with Europa Press, Blanes spoke out for the first time about the transformation.

Comfortable in His Own Skin

“I am the sex that I have always been,” Blanes stated emphatically. “Camilin is hateful, but not because I don’t like being my father’s son. My father will always be a part of me.”

Blanes went on to explain that he took the time to analyze and think about himself before deciding to transition. “Now, I am very comfortable,” he said. “If it bothers someone, maybe they have to look more in the mirror. I see what I have to see, I do what I can do.”

Personal Journey of Self-Discovery

Blanes stressed that this is a personal matter and a journey of self-discovery that only concerns him. “Why do we all have to stick together?” Blanes asked. “I want to find my individual path, to know who I am.”

Relationship with Mother Clarified

Blanes also clarified his relationship with his mother, Lourdes Ornelas, which had been described as complicated by some journalists. “We talk a lot,” Blanes said. “I love my mother. Do you see hate in my heart? I don’t have hate in my heart and never have.”

Camilo Blanes Ornelas

Blanes hopes this interview will put an end to the speculation and allow him to continue on his personal journey toward self-discovery and fulfillment.

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