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Book launch “Codes we know” in Concepción

  • Health House, Brazil 574, Concepción.
  • Monday, July 20 – 8:00 p.m..

RIL Editores invites you to the launch of the book “Codes we know: The records that changed the music of Penquista, 2010-2019”, written by Marcelo Bustamante and Eduardo Gutiérrez.


After the 2010 earthquake, the music scene in the city of Concepción was rebuilt alongside a new artistic generation. Children of the digital age, they mixed genres without prejudice, enriched the sound of Concepción and displaced the local British tradition that had been strengthened until then by the explosive success of Los Bunkers. In addition, the appearance of new spaces, labels, media and various platforms helped to professionalize a circuit that was opening its own path.

“Codes We Know” is a testimony of what was heard in the city between 2010 and 2019, a record composed of the stories behind 11 albums published during the decade and which defined the new music of Conce. Conversations with the protagonists of the time allow us to trace the cultural map from the Miércoles Tras Bambalinas cycle to the sixth anniversary of the Rock en Conce festival.

The following pages are mainly about songs that moved and inspired, places that served as meeting points, concerts that left their mark and initiatives that provided a point of view on everything that was possible. This is the reflection of a Concepción that got rid of the myth to bring out a new voice.

About the authors:

Marcelo Bustamante Learrasca
Journalist, he has written about music and film in the newspaper La Tercera, on the website La Rata, in the encyclopedia and in the local media Radio Leufü. In the latter he also hosted three interview programs related to culture («La banda sonora de tu vida», «Recordes», «Proyector SVM») and worked on the journalistic production of the musical sessions of «La hora del Gnomo».

Eduardo Gutierrez Figueroa
Journalist and musician. He has written about music in media such as Radio Leufü, Diario Concepción, Indie Hoy and the encyclopedia He has collaborated in cultural spaces such as La Tienda Nacional and Casa de Salud, where he was part of the team of the Conciertos del Gnomo series. He has been in charge of communications and content production in various artistic and cultural projects.

Presented by:
● Valentina Riveros, journalist and music photographer.
● Pablo Romero (Nebuchadnezzar), musician, member of La Julia Smith.
● Rocío Peña, musician and cultural manager.
● María José Mendoza, journalist, musician and cultural manager.

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