Blocked street in Miami reopens after court order: What is the solution for dangerous traffic?

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Judge Orders Reopening of Closed Miami Street

After more than two years of being closed, a circuit judge in Miami has ordered the reopening of a street that had been closed off to vehicle traffic. The City of Miami had blocked off the street as a protective measure following numerous complaints from residents in the area.


The section of road in question is located in the Silver Bluff sector, adjacent to Coral Way and 17th Avenue. The road had been closed with barricades since March 2021 due to concerns about vehicles speeding through the area. Initially, the City had closed the road temporarily while a permanent solution was sought.

Judge’s Decision

Judge Charles Johnson’s decision resolves a case law issue, stating that it is the County, rather than the City, that has the right to take specific actions related to roads in its jurisdiction. However, residents remain concerned about the potential danger posed by cars speeding through the neighborhood.

Residents’ Concerns

According to some residents, drivers attempting to cut through the area use the closed-off street as a shortcut and speed through the neighborhood at dangerously high speeds. This poses a particular risk to the elderly and minors in the area.

Proposed Solution

Recognizing the potential danger posed by speeding cars in a residential area, Judge Johnson suggested the installation of speed bumps or braking bands on the neighborhood streets. This proposed solution would help control the speed of vehicles traveling through the area, protecting residents from potential harm.

The Way Forward

The judge’s decision to reopen the street has been met with mixed reactions from residents. While some are pleased that the road will be accessible again, others remain concerned about the potential danger posed by speeding cars. Moving forward, it will be up to the County to find a permanent solution that addresses the concerns of both residents and motorists alike.

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