Biden Administration’s New Border Policies Result in Reduced Arrests and Backlog for Migrants Seeking Asylum

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New Biden Policies at Southern Border Reduce Arrests

The Biden administration’s new policies at the southern border of the United States have resulted in a decrease in the number of arrests and created a “bottleneck” that is causing concern among experts.

Reduction in Arrests

Since the controversial Title 42 rule was lifted on May 11, the number of people arrested crossing the border has significantly dropped. According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), between May 12 and June 2, there were an average of 3,700 arrests per day, compared to the approximately 7,000 arrests per day in May.

Backlog of Appointments

However, the reduction in arrests has created a backlog of appointments for migrants seeking asylum. The system only offers 1,250 appointments per day for the entire border, making it extremely difficult to obtain one. This has resulted in people waiting weeks or even months for an appointment, as reported by the Human Rights Campaign.

Risk for Migrants in Mexico

Waiting in Mexico also exposes migrants to high risks such as robbery, kidnapping, and extortion by criminal groups. As the report highlights, Mexican people who seek asylum are forced to wait in the very country they are trying to flee.

Nationalities of Detainees

The majority of detainees in the last month have been from Mexico, with an average of 1,200 arrests per day. Hondurans come in second place with 520 daily arrests, and Guatemalans in third place with 360.

Credible Fear Interviews

People who express fear of returning to their countries are entitled to a “credible fear” interview, where an official determines whether or not the US will take up their case. Under the new policies, these interviews are carried out while the migrants remain in the custody of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

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