Barcelona’s Changing Transfer Plans: From Messi to Amrabat to a New Midfielder

by worldysnews

The Moroccan Midfielder: A Balancing Act for Barça

Amrabat’s Option Loses Strength After Messi’s Rejection

The sports planning at Barça has undergone changes as certain negotiations have fallen through. The Blaugrana club had high hopes of retaining Leo Messi, but unfortunately, due to time and salary constraints, it was not possible.

The initial strategy devised by the sports department, with Xavi Hernández at the helm, involved positioning Messi in a diamond formation in the center of the field, playing behind the forwards. In this system, the ideal midfielder to complement the team was Sofyan Amrabat from Fiorentina, as the team required a player with great physicality, especially for European competitions at the highest level.

Barça kept Amrabat’s candidacy alive until late June, but it lost momentum when Messi signed for Inter Miami. Although the Moroccan midfielder was favored by the coaching staff, Xavi now seeks a player who excels in ball control and defensive work. Additionally, the player must come at a reasonable price to accommodate the club’s financial constraints.

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Milani June 27, 2023 - 9:24 am

“Barcelona’s transfer plans have taken an unexpected twist from the Messi era to pursuing Amrabat and now shifting focus to a new midfielder. A sign that the club is adapting its strategy and looking to build a strong midfield presence for the future. Exciting times ahead for Barcelona fans!”

Sincere June 27, 2023 - 9:25 am

It’s fascinating to witness Barcelona’s evolving transfer strategy, from relying on Messi to now exploring the potential of Amrabat and other midfielders. The club’s ability to adapt and continually seek new talent shows their commitment to staying competitive in the ever-changing football landscape.


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