Quivax University Vaccine Against Covid-19: A Breakthrough in Scientific Development

Press Conference Highlights

At a press conference, authorities from the Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ) and researchers from this Institution presented the results regarding the Quivax university vaccine against Covid-19, as well as the advances that have been made in terms of scientific development for this House of Studies.

According to Dr. Teresa García Gasca, rector of the UAQ, this biannual report aims to inform society about the results that this project has had, strengthened with the support of the population and other institutions, which is a reason to continue these investigations.

“We did not stop, it was a project where all the enthusiasm and heart were put into it and I think the results are sensational for what could be done with the resources and conditions with which we work,” said the Rector.

Impressive Vaccine Prototypes

During his presentation, Dr. Juan Joel Mosqueda Gualito, project researcher, expressed that up to now, the Alma Mater from Queretaro has created five vaccine prototypes, two of which have been fully evaluated with cellular, humoral, and neutralization responses against worrying variants. Additionally, two protein vaccine prototypes for intranasal administration have shown demonstrated humoral and cellular effects. Another prototype based on nanoparticles is currently under evaluation. Lastly, a vaccine against Covid-19 developed in collaboration with Dr. Greco Hernández and Dr. Erika Alejandra García Hernández, specialists in RNA molecules, is being developed using messenger RNA molecules.

This research has also generated significant academic contributions, including three theses, three scientific manuscripts, four collaboration agreements, and two postdoctoral fellowships. The project has also been presented in four national and international conferences.

Investment in Vaccine Development

It was announced that the Autonomous University of Querétaro will establish a specialized laboratory for professional vaccine development, making it the second of its kind in the country and the first in Querétaro. Dr. García Gasca reported that the university has invested over 3 million pesos from its own resources, with additional funding from the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (Amexid) and other sources. These funds have been utilized for the acquisition of materials, laboratory equipment, professional fees, and other necessary resources.

Future Auditing and Conclusion

The university authorities emphasized that all the resources allocated to the project will be audited by an external office. A final report will be prepared by November once the auditing process is completed. The team involved in the investigation includes Mr. Luis Alberto Fernández García, Private Secretary, and the scientists in charge: Dr. Diego Josimar Hernández Silva, Dr. Lineth Juliana Vega Rojas, and Mr. Miguel Andrés Velazco Elizondo.

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