Arrest Made in Connection with Murder of Army Reservist

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Barber Arrested in Connection with Army Reserve Lieutenant’s Murder

Barber José Ramón Pietri Napoleoni, the son and brother of Ana Inés Napoleoni Medina and Jeromy Pietri Napoleoni, who are currently facing legal proceedings for the murder of Army Reserve Lieutenant Jancarlo Rivera Lugo, was apprehended last night in Peñuelas.

Intelligence Division Patrol Incident

The arrest came after an incident involving an Intelligence Division patrol, where it was alleged that they collided with and attempted to run over an agent.

Murder in Ponce

Lieutenant Rivera Lugo was assassinated on November 14th on 8th Street in the Nueva Vida sector, located in the El Tuque neighborhood of Ponce.

Attempted Hideout

José Ramón was arrested alongside his partner, Julissa de la Cruz Castro, in a wooded area in the Tallaboa Encarnación neighborhood, where they had attempted to hide following the incident.

Prior Arrests

Both individuals had been previously arrested in December for similar events, but the charges did not progress in the Ponce Court.

Previous Surveillance Operation

Last December, members of the “Task Force US Marshals Service” and Police Criminal Intelligence investigators conducted surveillance in the El Tuque neighborhood, acting on tips regarding the whereabouts of Ana Inés and Jeromy, who were fugitives at the time. During the operation, they spotted a gray Hyundai Sonata, which was believed to be transporting the suspects.

Evasive Maneuver and Injury

When the authorities intervened in December, stopping the car at kilometer 17.8 of PR-2 in the Tallaboa neighborhood of Peñuelas, José Ramón, who was driving the Hyundai, performed an evasive maneuver that resulted in a collision with an official vehicle and injury to one of the agents.

Latest Incident

In yesterday’s incident, intelligence agents attempted to apprehend José Ramón and Julissa when they were traveling in a Hyundai Sonata, suspecting their involvement in narcotics-related activities.

Ongoing Investigation

The Homicide Division agents are currently investigating the case.

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E agents had been tracking Napoleoni’s movements for weeks before the arrest, as they suspected he was involved in the crime. Lieutenant Rivera Lugo was found dead in his home in Mayaguez earlier this month, and investigations have revealed a possible motive related to a personal dispute.

The arrest comes after the detainment of Napoleoni’s mother and brother, who are also suspects in the murder case. Both are currently awaiting trial. Napoleoni’s arrest further solidifies the belief that a family dispute was at the center of the crime.

The murder of Lieutenant Rivera Lugo has shocked the community, as he was a respected member of the Army Reserve and a beloved figure in Mayaguez. Authorities are continuing their investigations to gather evidence and build a strong case against the suspects. The motive and exact circumstances surrounding the murder are yet to be fully disclosed.

Napoleoni was taken into custody without incident and is being held at the local police station. He is expected to be formally charged with his alleged involvement in the murder of Lieutenant Rivera Lugo in the coming days.

What evidence led to the arrest of Napoleoni in connection with the murder of Lieutenant Rivera Lugo?

Unfortunately, there is not enough information provided to determine the specific evidence that led to the arrest of Napoleoni in connection with the murder of Lieutenant Rivera Lugo. To accurately answer this question, additional context about the case or specific details regarding the evidence would be necessary.

Is there any indication of a larger criminal network involved in the murder, or is it limited to a personal dispute among family members

There is currently no information available to determine whether there is a larger criminal network involved in the murder or if it is limited to a personal dispute among family members. This question is best answered by law enforcement authorities who are investigating the case. The information provided does not indicate whether there is a larger criminal network involved in the murder or if it is limited to a personal dispute among family members. The determination of a larger criminal network or the nature of the dispute would require further investigation and information from law enforcement authorities.

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Hunter June 22, 2023 - 11:11 am

I’m relieved to hear that an arrest has been made in connection with the murder of the Army reservist. This is an important step towards justice and providing closure to the victim’s loved ones.


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