Argentine Rural Confederations (CRA) Advocates for Avian Influenza Vaccination in Argentina

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Discussion Revived on Vaccination Scheme in Poultry Sector

Today, the Argentine Rural Confederations (CRA) issued a statement that has reignited the debate surrounding the implementation of a vaccination scheme in the poultry sector to combat Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI).

The statement expressed deep concern over the insensitivity of the health authorities (SENASA) towards the recent outbreak of Avian Influenza in the province of Buenos Aires. The outbreak severely impacted an important egg-laying bird establishment, prompting CRA to call for the implementation of a vaccination scheme to protect the poultry farming community from the risk of extinction as a productive sector.

Outbreak in Poblet

According to Field Bugs, the ruralista entity referred to a recent case in the town of Poblet, located in the district of La Plata. Although the name of the affected poultry farm was not disclosed by the health authorities, it is known to be a significant producer of fresh eggs with approximately 250,000 animals.

Avian Influenza

CRA later urged the health authorities to take responsibility for implementing an action plan to address the critical situation faced by egg-laying bird production and poultry farming in general. This call comes after the health protocols agreed upon during the World Organization for Animal Health (OMSA) meeting in Paris earlier this year.

Javier Prida, president of the Argentine Chamber of Poultry Producers (CAPIA), stated that in cases of positive farms, all animals are typically culled based on the current health emergency and Senasa’s action protocols.

Impact on Egg Producers

The news of the outbreak in La Plata has significant implications for egg producers, who may now demand the implementation of a vaccination program. However, this proposal is met with resistance from chicken meat producers.


A poultry producer explained to Field Bugs that vaccinating chickens would hinder meat exports, as no country accepts vaccinated poultry. This would greatly affect companies that export a large portion of their production. Currently, Argentina can only export thermally processed meat to certain countries due to the presence of the disease.

On the contrary, Prida emphasized the need to prioritize the domestic market and ensure a stable supply of eggs for the Argentine population. He expressed concern over the global seriousness of the issue and highlighted the importance of meeting local demand.

Senasa’s Position

Senasa previously addressed this discussion a few weeks ago during international debates. The organization emphasized the need for a technical-scientific evaluation of available information and the experiences of countries that have been dealing with the disease for several years. Senasa refrained from taking a position favoring either side.

Divided between “egg” and “claw”, the poultry chain began to discuss with Senasa about the possibility of vaccinating against bird flu

However, the international veterinary community supports the idea of vaccinating against avian influenza, arguing that it does not hinder trade.

The international veterinary community is in favor of vaccinating against avian influenza, claiming that it is not a barrier to trade

Possible Alternative

One possible alternative, already implemented in countries like the United States (the main exporter of poultry meat), is the compartmentalization of territories. This approach would allow the export of meat from disease-free locations within the country. However, this solution involves a complex process and logistics that would require thorough evaluation by Senasa and approval from OMSA.

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