After more than two and a half years of keeping their relationship with Zacarías private, soap opera actress Ana Brenda Contreras, known for her roles in “Wild Heart” and “For Loving Without Law,” finally opened up about her plans to have children with her future husband.

It surprised us all:

In an interview with the American program “Wake up America” for “People in Spanish,” Ana Brenda revealed details about her engagement ring and shared insights about their upcoming wedding. However, it was her response regarding motherhood that caught everyone’s attention.

Ana Brenda Contreras and her fiancé, Zacarías Melhem

Does Ana Brenda Contreras want to be a mom?

While Ana Brenda openly discussed her commitment to Zacarías and expressed her excitement about their upcoming marriage, her tone changed when asked about her plans for motherhood.

“Today, it’s very sensitive to ask a woman about these things. You never know if she can’t or simply doesn’t want to,” replied Ana Brenda. “I don’t know yet, I’ll discuss it with my partner,” concluded the actress, who will be marrying Zacarías Melhem, a widower with two children from his previous partner, Mirtha Lopez, who passed away in 2018.

Ana Brenda Contreras

What happened to Ana Brenda Contreras’ engagement ring?

Ana Brenda Contreras recently announced her engagement to businessman Zacarías Melhem, the brother of her close friend Daniela Melhem. She expressed her happiness but revealed that she is not currently wearing her engagement ring.

This is how they began to write their story:

During the interview, Ana Brenda explained that the ring was slightly too big for her, so she decided to have it adjusted to prevent any accidents. She sent it for resizing to ensure it fits perfectly and doesn’t slip off her finger.

“I needed some adjustments because it didn’t fit me well initially. I didn’t want any mishaps, so I thought it’s better to fix it first and then wear it without any worries,” Ana Brenda shared with the program.

Ana Brenda Contreras is engaged

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