Alejandro Garnacho: The promise of Manchester United who wants to reach the Copa América with the Argentine team

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Alejandro Garnacho Reveals His First Experience as a Member of the Argentine National Team


The Argentine national team is currently in Beijing and preparing to face Australia in a friendly match on June 15th. Among the new members of the team is Alejandro Garnacho, who missed the last international window due to an injury he suffered while playing for Manchester United. The 18-year-old winger was born in Madrid but chose to represent the Albiceleste, and he recently spoke about his first experience as a member of the world champion delegation.

Choosing the Albiceleste

Garnacho made it clear that he never considered playing for Spain, stating, “I did not doubt anything because I feel Argentine, because I am Argentine.” He continued, “They bet on me and I was clear about it, it is a very big team and a very good opportunity. I don’t need to play three games, if I don’t debut on this tour it doesn’t matter: I already know that I want to be with Argentina.” Garnacho also expressed his desire to represent Argentina in the Copa América and the World Cup qualifier.

Adapting to the National Team

Garnacho arrived in China a few days ago and said that the squad has welcomed him warmly. He mentioned that he has not spoken much with Messi but that the coach has told him to “play what I know and hopefully give me the opportunity.” Garnacho also discussed his preferred position on the field, stating that “People already saw me, and you know my first position is left-winger. But also on the right or where the coach requires me.”

Talking with Lionel Scaloni

Garnacho revealed that he recently spoke with Lionel Scaloni, who asked him if he was nervous. Garnacho replied that he was not nervous and that Scaloni had told him to be himself and that he would give him the opportunity. In closing, Garnacho thanked those who support him on social media and stated that he wants to give them more joy as a member of the national team.

Other Comments from Garnacho

  • Garnacho missed the U-20 World Cup because he had to continue playing for Manchester United, despite pleading with the coach to allow him to participate.
  • He watched the final of the Qatar World Cup from Manchester with his family and thought it was “unbelievable” that Argentina had won.
  • Garnacho appreciates the love he has received from the Argentine public and is not afraid of his opponents on the field.
  • He follows Argentine football and is particularly interested in games like the Libertadores, River, and Boca.
  • Garnacho’s nickname in Manchester is “Garna,” but his teammates on the national team call him “Ale.”
  • He has a close relationship with Lisandro Martínez, who he describes as a mentor and father figure.


Alejandro Garnacho is excited to represent Argentina on the national team and wants to make a positive impact. He has already impressed the coach with his abilities and is eager to play in the Copa América and the World Cup qualifier. With his talent and dedication, Garnacho is sure to make a name for himself in the world of international football.

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