Al Pacino reunites with ex while preparing for fourth child with girlfriend

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Al Pacino Bonds with Ex Beverly D’Angelo Amidst Girlfriend’s Pregnancy

Hollywood legend, Al Pacino, recently made headlines for spending time with his ex-girlfriend, Beverly D’Angelo, and her 22-year-old twins, Anthony and Olivia, at a family escape room outing in Los Angeles over the weekend. The 83-year-old actor has been in the spotlight again as he prepares to welcome a new baby with his 29-year-old girlfriend, Noor Alfallah.

An Unbreakable Bond

Pacino and D’Angelo, who were never married, have remained close friends since their split in 2004. During their recent public reunion, the exes were seen having what appeared to be a serious discussion, garnering the attention of viewers. Despite their breakup, the two have continued to parent their children and have developed a deep, intimate, and easygoing friendship over the years.

Alfallah and Pacino’s Relationship

Alfallah and Pacino’s romance initially sparked rumors in April 2022, and according to various sources, they began dating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contrary to some reports, sources have clarified that Pacino and Alfallah are still together as a couple today, discrediting any speculation about their relationship status. It’s known that Alfallah has a preference for dating older wealthy men, and her relationship with Pacino seems to be flourishing despite the age difference.

Al Pacino Excited to Welcome his Fourth Child

In a video obtained by the Daily Mail, Pacino broke his silence about Alfallah’s pregnancy, expressing his emotions. He described it as “very special” and mentioned that he has many children, but this one feels particularly significant given the moment. He also mentioned that they still do not know the sex of the baby.

Meanwhile, with a new baby on the way and a support network around him, Pacino is embracing the excitement and special moments that life has to offer.

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