Actress Tori Spelling and Presenter Dean McDermott Announce Separation after 17 Years of Marriage

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The End of a 17-Year Marriage

They are parents of five children. (Archive)

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Announce Separation

The long-standing marriage between actress Tori Spelling and actor/presenter Dean McDermott has officially come to an end.

Dean McDermott, known for his role in “Due South,” made the announcement on Saturday through his social media accounts. The decision to separate comes after 17 years of marriage and the couple raising five children together.

“It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart that @torispelling and I have decided to part ways after 18 years together and our incredible journey of raising five amazing children,” Tori Spelling wrote on Instagram.

“As loving parents, we will continue to work together and provide guidance and love to our children during this challenging time,” McDermott added. “We kindly ask everyone to respect our privacy as we focus on our family and navigate through this difficult period. Thank you for your support and kindness.”

Dean McDermott, 56, and Tori Spelling, 50, share three sons named Liam (16), Finn (10), and Beau (6), as well as two daughters named Stella (15) and Hattie (11).

Despite persistent rumors about their marital problems, the couple, known for their roles in “Beverly Hills, 90210” and their Canadian heritage, repeatedly denied any issues in their relationship. However, the signs of an impending split became increasingly evident.

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