A Doctor’s Powerful Message to Colleagues in Cuba: Showing a New Path

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Cuban Doctor Sends Powerful Message to Colleagues

Monday June 26, 2023

Doctor at work
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A recently emigrated doctor showcases his first work and delivers a compelling message to his colleagues who remain on the island, offering them a glimpse of alternative lifestyles.

“This is the work being done by two Cuban doctors who are considered ‘newcomers.’ We have no reason to be ashamed,” the doctor states while displaying images of construction projects.

Through a Twitter post, the doctor expresses that it would be more shameful to continue living under the regime’s rule.

“I am ashamed to be a doctor in Cuba and live under a tyrannical regime that steals your dreams and freedom. I would be ashamed to be complicit with them,” she emphasizes.

The doctor’s post receives numerous comments:

“Good afternoon, brother! Great job! Earning an honest living and respecting others’ life choices is a source of pride. Blessings always!”

“I can’t believe this tweet doesn’t have more reactions. I congratulate both of you and others who are doing the same. What matters is not where you are now, but the direction you are heading.”

“Brother, don’t ever feel ashamed of your new life and work. Today, here in Cuba, they threaten to penalize us for not complying with regulations. They want to make us even more miserable. I’m building lawnmowers to offer private lawn cleaning services.”

“No job should bring shame to anyone, and all jobs are equally important. Before people needed doctors, they needed builders to have shelter and protection from predators, cold, and rain.”

“Bravo! That’s just the beginning. You earn more than as a doctor, you live freely, and you have infinite opportunities. You can even save and pursue other careers. You can do everything within the boundaries of the law, and the USA allows you to become someone in life.”

Cuban doctors are often considered as slaves due to the contracts imposed on them by the government in their lucrative health collaborations.

Recently, the United States government highlighted that the Cuban government does not fully meet the minimum standards for eliminating trafficking and is not making significant efforts.

The report warns that “the Cuban government continued to send workers abroad using deceptive methods and coercive tactics” and “failed to address labor violations and trafficking crimes despite numerous complaints from credible NGOs, former participants, and foreign governments regarding the involvement of Cuban officials in these abuses.”

The Department of State also believes that “during the evaluated period, there has been a government policy or pattern of exploiting labor export programs, with strong indications of forced labor, particularly in their medical missions abroad.”

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A Cuban doctor who recently emigrated showcases his first work and delivers a powerful message to his colleagues who remain on the island. He highlights construction projects and expresses that it is more shameful to continue living under the regime’s rule. The doctor’s post receives positive comments congratulating their new life and work, emphasizing the importance of all jobs.

How did the positive comments on the doctor’s post emphasize the importance of all jobs in relation to the message delivered to his former colleagues on the island

The positive comments on the doctor’s post emphasized the importance of all jobs by acknowledging the contribution and value that each job holds. They highlighted that every role is essential in delivering the message to his former colleagues on the island, as every job contributes to the functioning and success of the overall system.

By praising various professions and acknowledging the importance of each job, the positive comments emphasized the notion that no job is too small or insignificant. They portrayed the idea that every individual, regardless of their job title or position, plays a vital role in achieving the common goal of delivering the message to the doctor’s former colleagues on the island.

The positive comments also showed appreciation for the diverse skills and expertise required in different jobs. They recognized the collective effort and teamwork needed to accomplish the task at hand, conveying the message that every individual’s role is integral to the overall success of the mission.

In summary, the positive comments on the doctor’s post emphasized the importance of all jobs by recognizing and valuing the contributions of each individual, emphasizing the interconnectedness and relevance of every role in delivering the message to his former colleagues on the island.

What role do construction projects play in the message delivered by the Cuban doctor who recently emigrated?

Construction projects play a significant role in the message delivered by the Cuban doctor who recently emigrated. Firstly, these projects serve as a symbol of the Cuban government’s prioritization of infrastructure development and economic progress. They highlight the regime’s efforts to present a positive image of the country, showcasing advancements and improvements.

Secondly, construction projects impact the lives of the Cuban people directly. The doctor may discuss how these projects involve the mobilization of resources, labor, and capital, potentially leading to better living conditions and job opportunities for the local population. The construction sector plays a crucial role in the Cuban economy by driving employment and income growth.

However, the doctor may also emphasize the negative aspects of construction projects in Cuba. They might highlight issues such as a lack of transparency, corruption, or the diversion of resources away from other essential sectors like healthcare or education. Additionally, construction projects could represent the government’s focus on infrastructure rather than addressing deeper societal issues, such as political repression or basic human rights.

Overall, construction projects serve as a focal point in highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of the Cuban government’s policies, development strategies, and their impact on the lives of the Cuban people.

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Delilah June 27, 2023 - 5:12 am

This article highlights the inspiring message from a doctor in Cuba urging their colleagues to embrace and pave a new path in their medical practice. It emphasizes the importance of innovation and serving the patients with utmost dedication. Truly powerful and thought-provoking!


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