A Desperate Mother’s Journey: Seeking a Humanitarian Visa for Reunion with Daughter and Granddaughter

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Mother Seeks Humanitarian Visa to Join Daughter and Granddaughter in the US

A Heartbreaking Tale of Migration and Hope

An American nightmare. In an increasingly interconnected world, the stories of individuals seeking a better life through migration are all too common. However, many of these journeys are marked by inhumane conditions and hardships.

A Colombian Woman’s Struggle in the United States

This time, the story of a Colombian woman who entered the United States illegally sheds light on the challenging circumstances surrounding her journey. Seven months pregnant, she embarked on this perilous trip with her mother and sister, driven by the desire to provide a better life for her family.

However, the challenges did not end with the journey itself. The woman, identified as María Ángel, went into labor months after arriving in the country and subsequently fell into a coma, where she remains today.

Their journey began when María Ángel’s mother, Adriana Reyes, and her two daughters decided to undertake the dangerous trip to the United States in search of better job opportunities. On May 3, they reached Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, and walked for over four hours to reach El Paso, Texas.

Separated and Detained

Upon finally setting foot on American soil, they turned themselves in to the authorities and were immediately separated. Adriana was taken to a facility with her 13-year-old daughter, while María Ángel, with her unborn baby, was sent to a different location.

Adriana spent seven days detained with her youngest daughter, without the right to communicate with her relatives. Meanwhile, María Ángel, with better fortune, was released and managed to reach the city of Chicago a few days before giving birth. Adriana and her youngest daughter were eventually deported on the eighth day.

During her labor, María Ángel was able to make a video call to her mother, but it was abruptly interrupted. She experienced an epileptic episode during childbirth and had to be induced into a coma after delivering her baby.

A Desperate Plea for Help

In an interview with Noticias Caracol, María Ángel’s mother highlighted the critical condition her daughter is in. “Yesterday, she opened her eyes, but she is in a very bad state, in a delicate condition. All I ask is for help. She is helpless, alone with her baby. I don’t know how the baby is doing. Yesterday, they showed her to me in a video call. She is a beautiful girl who needs her grandmother,” she said.

Furthermore, Adriana denounced the mistreatment they endured at the hands of immigration authorities: “They were terrible to us. We spent seven days without even being able to brush our teeth. I constantly requested to communicate or make a call to Colombia, but they never allowed me.”

As a result, the woman is now pleading for a humanitarian visa to be able to travel to the United States and accompany her daughter and granddaughter on their road to recovery.





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This content tells the story of a Colombian woman named María Ángel who entered the United States illegally with her mother and sister in search of a better life. María Ángel was seven months pregnant at the time of the journey. After arriving in the US, she went into labor and fell into a coma, where she remains today. The story sheds light on the challenges and hardships faced by individuals who migrate in search of a better future. María Ángel’s mother is now seeking a humanitarian visa to join her daughter and granddaughter in the US.

What challenges do women like María Ángel face when immigrating to the United States while pregnant?

When immigrating to the United States while pregnant, women like María Ángel may face several challenges, including:

1. Access to Healthcare: Limited access to prenatal care and healthcare facilities often pose a significant challenge for immigrant women. Lack of insurance coverage or financial resources can make it difficult for them to receive adequate prenatal care and necessary medical support during pregnancy.

2. Language Barriers: Language barriers can make it challenging for women like María Ángel to communicate effectively with medical professionals, understand their rights, and seek appropriate healthcare services. This can lead to misunderstandings, misdiagnoses, or inadequate prenatal care.

3. Immigration Status: Women who are undocumented or have uncertain immigration status may fear seeking medical help due to concerns about their immigration status being disclosed or facing deportation. This fear can deter them from accessing critical prenatal care, thus increasing the risk of complications during pregnancy or childbirth.

4. Discrimination and Rights Violations: Immigrant women, especially those who are undocumented, may encounter discrimination or mistreatment in healthcare settings. They may experience neglect, denial of treatment, or substandard care, which can negatively impact their health and the health of their unborn child.

5. Social Support: Immigrant women often leave their support networks behind when migrating, which can be particularly challenging during pregnancy. They may struggle to find emotional support, reliable childcare, or guidance from other women who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth in their new environment.

6. Financial Burden: Immigrant women may face financial difficulties during pregnancy, as they may not have access to public benefits like Medicaid or other forms of financial assistance. The costs associated with prenatal care, medical tests, and childbirth can become overwhelming, placing additional stress on the mother-to-be.

These challenges can significantly affect the health and well-being of women like María Ángel and their unborn children, highlighting the importance of addressing the unique barriers faced by pregnant immigrants and providing them with accessible, respectful, and culturally sensitive healthcare services.

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Frederick June 26, 2023 - 7:13 am

This heartfelt account showcases the heartbreaking lengths a mother is willing to go to reunite with her daughter and granddaughter. It sheds light on the importance of compassion and understanding when issuing humanitarian visas, as they can offer a glimmer of hope amidst the desperation faced by families torn apart.


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