A Cuban mother arrested in Miami for finding drugs in the medical examination of her 9-month-old baby

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A Cuban Mother Arrested in Miami for Child Endangerment

A Cuban mother has been taken into custody by the Miami police on charges of child endangerment, following the discovery of drugs during a medical examination performed on her nine-month-old baby.

Drugs Found in Baby’s System

Krystal Dolores Jimenez was arrested at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital after testing positive for methamphetamine. The incident occurred when Jimenez brought her daughter to the hospital after the child experienced an epileptic seizure in their mobile home.

Baby Accidentally Consumed Adderall?

According to court documents, the 35-year-old woman confessed to detectives that her baby might have accidentally consumed Adderall. This could have happened because the child shares a pacifier with her nine-year-old brother, who is prescribed the medication for attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity.

Details of the Investigation

The investigation reveals that Jimenez initially took her baby to a hospital in Homestead but was later transferred to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for further diagnosis. Before her arrest, she was unable to provide an explanation as to how the drugs ended up in her daughter’s system. The child remains hospitalized and is currently under the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Previous Criminal Record

It has been discovered that the Cuban woman has a criminal record and was recently arrested for alleged sexual abuse of a 16-year-old teenager who was residing in her house. However, her stepfather, Leonardo León, doubts these accusations and urges everyone to wait for the results of the ongoing investigation.

León expressed his devastation over these events and emphasized that Jimenez always treated her daughter like a princess. Regarding the sexual abuse case, he claimed it to be a false accusation, stating, “It’s just the word of a troubled 16-year-old against her.”

León further explained that the teenager, the mother, and the rest of the siblings were living in his house.

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