A British couple was unable to collect a million-dollar lottery prize due to an error in the app

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A British Couple’s Nightmare: $35 Million Lottery Prize Lost Due to App Error

A British couple has endured a harrowing ordeal since 2015 when they allegedly won a lottery prize worth $35 million. Unfortunately, they were unable to collect their winnings due to a glitch in the lottery app they used.

A Missed Opportunity

Edwina and David Nylan have persistently claimed that they had the winning combination of a Christmas raffle in 2015. They had purchased their ticket through the Lottomobile app.

A Disheartening Revelation

However, when they visited the Camelot Group offices, responsible for conducting the lottery, they were informed that they were not actual winners because their ticket purchase was not recorded.

An Unregistered Transaction

The couple explained that they attempted to buy the ticket through the lottery app, but were notified that they did not have sufficient funds. They subsequently added money to their account and proceeded to “purchase” the ticket with the winning combination 01-02-04-19-28-41.

Unfortunately, the lottery office confirmed that this transaction was not registered. While their multiple purchase attempts were recorded, the balance recharge was not, leading to the conclusion that they had not made the purchase for the winning ticket.

A Costly Oversight

“We attempted to recharge the account, but failed to realize that it was not registered either. Typically, you receive an email to confirm your purchase, but I neglected to check due to the holiday rush,” commented David.

The Lottery Office’s Statement

The lottery office provided the following statement regarding the case:

“The player made several attempts to purchase a lottery ticket online on December 23, starting at 7:00 p.m. (the cut-off time for ticket purchases is 7:30 p.m.). However, there were insufficient funds in the player’s account, resulting in unsuccessful purchase attempts. Only tickets that have been successfully purchased are eligible for the raffle.”

A Devastating Blow

“I am devastated, but what can we do? We have been playing for years and have had an online account for quite some time, so it’s not as if we were unaware of the process. I have to carry on and not let it get me too down,” expressed Edwina in an interview with the local Express.

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