46 Individuals and 5 Businesses Accused of Cybercrime Network in Operation Discovery

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Santiago Prosecutor’s Office Accuses 46 Individuals and 5 Companies of Cybercrime

The Santiago Prosecutor’s Office has lodged a formal accusation against 46 individuals and 5 legal entities accused of being part of a sophisticated cybercrime network that defrauded citizens of the United States. The network was dismantled under the operation discovery, by exposing transnational crime operations, which set a regional precedent in March 2022.

A Bulk of Evidence

The indictment, which spans over 1,300 pages, contains 750 documentary evidence, 600 physical evidence, and a dozen expert evidence. With the testimonies of more than 130 witnesses, the prosecutors demonstrate the affiliation of the defendants to the criminal structure that used various means to strip the victims of their resources, including blackmail, sexual extortion, and identity theft.

An Extraordinary Work Carried Out

The Chief Prosecutor of Santiago, Osvaldo Bonilla, highlighted the significance of innovative investigations such as this one. He praised the extraordinary work carried out by the prosecutors, researchers, and their various teams in the context of transnational crime.

Incriminating Transactions

The network’s illegal maneuvers were documented through the transactions and data registered in the electronic equipment occupied during the investigation.

A Collaborative Investigation

The Public Ministry coordinated the investigation, with the support of Criminal Investigations Department (DICRIM), Anti-Money Laundering Specialized Prosecutor’s Office, High-Tech Crimes and Crimes Prosecutor’s Office, and the US Embassy.

A Request for Confiscation of Assets

The Public Ministry has requested the confiscation of 90 movable and immovable assets seized from the criminal structure, as part of the material evidence.

Accusation and Charges

The accusatory device presents charges against 29 defendants, including Sucre Rafael Rodríguez Ortiz, José Eliezer Rodríguez Ortiz, Jhonatan Francisco Vásquez Ventura, Emmanuel Castro Ozuna, and Anabel Adames. The charges include violating articles 59, 60, 258, 265 and 266, 400 and 405 of the Dominican Penal Code, as well as various laws regulating fraud through cyber means, illicit obtaining of funds, complicity, and extortion.

Other Crimes

In addition to these crimes, certain defendants are accused of violating articles 66 and 70 of Law 631-16 on the Control and Regulation of Weapons, Ammunition and Related Materials, and violating articles 6 and 75 of Law 50-88 on Drugs and Controlled Substances.

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